Winter Anime: What We Know So Far of the Upcoming Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasuna!

The upcoming Winter Anime Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasuna! (English working title: Hands off the Motion Pictures Club!) is the latest addition to Science Saru’s Anime line up and a long awaited TV series since Ping Pong the Animation with the studio’s latest work being a theatrical film released in June 21, 2019 titled Kimi to, Nami ni Noretara (English working title: Ride Your Wave).

This time, Science Saru’s new work centers around a trio of high school girls of Shibahama High School in their journey to produce their very own Anime films. Midori Asakusa could not take the first step herself until a fated encounter with Tsubame Mizusaki  an up-and-coming socialite who secretly dreams of becoming an animator one day.  Midori also had her best friend Sayaka Kanamori, a money-loving high school girl to join in the making of their “Ultimate World” a reality. They each play a role in the production of their Anime with Midori being the director, Sayaka the producer and Tsubame the Animator.

Warner Bros. Japan had uploaded the second trailer July this year via their warnerbrosanime Youtube channel available here:

The first trailer featured all the three main casts along with other footage showcasing a vibrant an interesting art direction apart from the attention to details. The characters are designed by Naoyuki Asano who worked on “Mr. Osamatsu”.

Capture 1

Capture 5

The trailer also gave a quick overlook to the 3 main protagonist of the series:

Midori Asakura

Capture 2

Sayaka Kanamori


Tsubame Mizusaki

Capture 4

The first trailer was uploaded prior to that in May 2019 giving a number of images and footage not seen in the 2nd trailer bringing us into a glimpse of the imaginative world the trio aims to make:

Capture 7

The series is in fact an adaptation of Sumito Oowara’s work that is currently being serialized on Shogakukan Monthly Spirits. There are currently 4 volumes on sale, you can find the links right down below. Although how much source material would be adapted is currently unknown. The Manga itself has also earned many awards including “The Best Manga 2018” award through Read This Manga! Ranking – Metamorphose no Engawa won the 2019 edition – and a whole bunch of others (This Manga is Amazing! 2018 Otoko Series Ranking, Manga Taisho 2018 Nominate, Oreman 2017 First Place and Bros Comic Award 2017 Grand Price).

The 38 manned Studio Science Saru has decided to deploy their very own Masaaki Yuasa who worked on “DEVILMAN crybaby” and this year’s theatrical released film “Ride Your Wave” as director and contracting Oorutaichi to handle the music titled “Kick-Heart”. The main voice casts has yet to be announced. A Key Visual is also available on the official Anime website featuring the trio:


Anime Information
Title: Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasuna!
English Title: Hands off the Motion Pictures Club!

Original Work: Sumito Oowara (Serialized on Shogakukan Monthly Spirits)
Director: Masaaki Yuasa (DEVILMAN crybaby, Ride Your Wave)
Character Design: Naoyuki Asano (Mr. Osomatsu)
Music: OORUTAICHI (Kick-Heart)
Animation Production: Science SARU (Night is Short, Walk On Girl, Lu over the wall)

Manga’s available here:
Vol. 1: Amazon, Kinokuniya, Shogakukan
Vol. 2: Amazon, Kinokuniya, Shogakukan
Vol. 3: Amazon, Kinokuniya, Shogakukan
Vol. 4: Amazon, Kinokuniya, Shogakukan

The series is set to broadcast this coming January 2020.

More information can be found here:
Anime Offical Website
MyAnimeList, AniDB, ANN

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2 thoughts on “Winter Anime: What We Know So Far of the Upcoming Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasuna!

    1. Hi~ Well in fact yes! I have read a number of chapters and I have to say so myself that it’s quite funny. Story and art wise, it reminds me of Dennou Coil. I won’t try to spoil much, but there is a lot of imagination going around being projected by the two main characters. Science Saru has I would say a good portfolio and their Anime, Ping Pong the Animation was a hit despite their bold uptake on the Animation. The staffs seem promising. And I am liking what I see in terms of the art direction, well… you know what they say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” All in all, I am quite positive that it would turn out to be good. At the same time I am also hoping it’ll be more than just good.

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