White Fox


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Corporate Name White Fox Co., Ltd.
Date of Establishment April 2007
Capital ¥3,000,000
Executives President and CEO Gaku Iwasa


Ogikubo Kangyo Building 4F, 3-2-2 Amanuma, Suginami-ku, Tokyo, 167-0032 Japan
Tel 03-5347-9810
Tax ID 9011301017021
Corporate ID 0113-01-017021
Business Outline 1.     Planning and production of all audiovisual content such as anime, games, manga, illustrations, music, etc.

2.     Design and production of original characters, symbols, logos, etc.

3.     Planning, production and sales of printed materials and publications

4.     Implementation, use, license, maintenance, management of intellectual property rights (copyright, trademark rights, commercialization rights, etc.)

5.     Discovery, training and management of artists such as animation artists, manga artists and illustrators

6.     Temporary staffing services to various schools and companies

7.     Planning and management of various seminars and vocational schools

8.     Various information service using the Internet, mail order

9.     Furniture design, production and sales of drawing machines, etc.

10.  All business incidental to the preceding items

Official Website http://w-fox.co.jp/

As of August 8, 2019