What We Know So Far About the Upcoming Assassins Pride Anime?

Released as a Light Novel in 2016, Kei Amagi’s Assassin Pride is finally being made into Anime with the first episode set to broadcast on the 10th of October 2019. The story takes place at a time where aristocrats – and those born in such family – wield special power called “Mana” used to combat monsters. Things did not bode well for a young girl, Melida Angel who was born an aristocrat but unfortunately possess no mana and is often called “incompetent” by people around her. In order to fix Melida’s lack of affinity towards mana, a tutor by the name Kufa Vampir was dispatched. There is, however, a catch. She is to be killed if she is indeed deemed to have no talent for mana. Kufa defies such order, he instead asked Melida if she is willing to entrust her life to him hence, the title. In other words, he wanted to show the world that his student is in fact more capable than what many thinks.

Written by Kei Amagi and illustrated by Nino Ninomoto, the light novel has span 10 volumes – with the 11th coming out soon on the 19th of October – including a collection of short stories. The Manga version was also produced and serialized through Shueisha’s Ultra Jump (a youth magazine) from 2017 onward with 4 volumes available in total as of speak. You can find the links below although, English version of the novels and manga are currently not available.

Light Novels:

Link: Vol. 1 ~ Vol. 7Vol. 8; Vol. 9; Vol. 10; Vol. 11


Link: Vol. 1 ~ Vol. 4


Link: Secret Garden

Avex Pictures recently through their Youtube channel released the second PV – somewhat of an extension of the first PV – of the yet to broadcast Anime giving us a glimpse of what to expect:

Some screenshots here:

Assassins 1

Assassins 2

Assassins 4

Assassins 6

The PV shows us a somewhat decent looking animation though at some point, I do notice some awkward looking postures. The ambience can get a little dark though, the overall atmosphere seems more optimistic. Other than giving slight details on the production committee and voice actors, the PV shows us the struggle that Melida had at the beginning, and Kufa who decided to give her a helping hand turning her into – as we can see from the last few moments of the PV – someone who is more adept at fighting despite the lack of mana (kind of reminds me of Black Clover, this time a lady version).

EMT Squared the studio that will be responsible for the overall animation production has been generous going as far as providing us details about the upcoming project in English through its official website. Although, more information is accessible in Japanese. What I would like to highlight here is the character design which I find very likable. The site also gives a brief description in English of the characters set to appear in the series.

Go to the link and click on each character for their details: Characters

Assassins 7

In terms of the animation studio, EMT Square’s most noticeable work may have been the Ame-iro Cocoa series but that have not yield much of a positive result. Their best may have been Renai Boukun a series aired in 2017. So, it is quite interesting if EMT Square could turn things around and give fans an acceptable adaptation. The author has so far been rather positive with the production committee citing that he is very excited and have been looking forward to the project. Nino Ninomoto feels the same commenting on the fact that fans would be looking forward to seeing how their favourite characters move or talk.

Source: Manga Tokyo


Orignal Creator – Kei Amagi /Fantasia Bunko
Illustration (or Art) – Ninomotonino
Director – Kazuya Aiura
Story editor – Deko Akao
Character Designer – Maho Yoshikawa
Art Director – Mikiko Matsumoto /studio fuga
Color Planning – Tomoko Koyama /Fine Colors
Camera Director – Ryohei Miyasaka /Raretrick
CG Director – Wataru Shibata /EMT2
Editor – Sachi Takikawa /REAL-T inc.
Sound Director – Satoshi Motoyama
Music Production – HALF H・P STUDIO
Animation Production – EMT Squared

Kufa – Yuuki Ono
Melida – Tomori Kusunoki
Elise – Yui Ishikawa
Rosetti – Marina Yabuuchi
Nerva – Ayane Sakura
Mule – Maaya Uchida
Salacha – Azumi Waki
Gin – Tatsuhisa Suzuki
Father – Toshiyuki Morikawa

EMT Square had also released a number of Key Visuals too quite some time ago, if you are interested, they are as follow:

258482 v2

Kufa Vampir

Melida Angel

Elise Angel

And for the music, “Run Girls, Run!” a Japanese idol group shall be performing for the theme song of the Anime titled “Share the light”. The music video was released on 12th of September 2019 by Avex through their official channel available here:

The group also performed for a number of theme songs for other titles such as Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku, Girly Air Force and Kiratto Pri☆chan.

For those of you who cannot wait for the first episode and so happens to be in Japan on the 22nd of September, you can catch on the preliminary screening of the first episode at 7 PM Japan time at TOHO Cinemas Nihonbashi. The preliminary screening is set to end around 8 PM.

Preliminary Screening Details:

Date: September 22, 2019
Start: 19:00 (schedule to end at 20:00)
* Subject to change

Venue: TOHO Cinema Nihonbashi
Address: 23F COREDO Muromachi, 2-3-1 Nihonbashi Muromachi, Chuo-ku, 103-0022 Tokyo
Price: 2,000¥ per ticket
Organizer: Avex Pictures Inc.

Contact: Lawson Ticket Information 0570-000-777 (10:00~20:00)

That is all for now! I guess more shall be made known once the series has started its broadcast in due time. Are you looking forward to Assassins Pride? Do share your thoughts on the comment section below!

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