Upcoming Anime Hataage! Kemono Michi PV and Key Visual Released!

Kadokawa has released a PV of the upcoming Anime Hataage! Kemono Michi through their official Youtube page a couple of days ago giving a glimpse to what to anticipate from the series. Hataage! will be an isekai series but unlike the other isekai genres we are familiar with, this time, it is an isekai where the story focuses on pro-wrestling. I mean where else do you see a main protagonist doing a take down on a princes? It sets in a somewhat medieval era where the main protagonist Shibata Genzo was summoned into, and was task to help ridding evil beasts that roam the world.


The series is set to broadcast from October the 2nd, 2019 onwards via AT-X and TOKYO MX. The OP – Toukon (Fight!) Kemono Mask – is set to be done by NoB who was also in charged of  the theme songs for Saint Seiya. Voice actor Katsuyuki Konishi (who also voices the main character) is also set to appear in the OP which will be released this coming October 23, 2019 in two forms: a limited edition that comes with a DVD and a standard edition that comes with a CD.


The ED will be left to Momosu Momosu who major debuts came early this year (February 2019) with the song “Wooden Horse” or “Mokuba”. The ED will be a song titled “Anecdote” and details about the ED shall be released on a later date. The series is set to be produced by Studio ENGI.

Source: AnimateTimes

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