Top Sales According to Series for the Month of October 2022

The month of October saw the Osomatsu-kun series topping Oricon’s monthly series sales chart with a total of 1,235.07 million yen (≈8.42 million USD) in physical sales made which was significantly driven by sales of Osomatsu-san The Movie’s complete box sets that were met with incredible demand in the week of their releases. The Blu-ray version, which was priced at 9,800 yen (≈67 USD) each sold 84,300 copies while its DVD version, priced at 8,800 yen (≈60 USD) a piece did very well too, selling 49,663 copies. Together, between October 24 and October 30, the two editions sold a combined 133,963 copies in their first 5 days with sales made during that week at 1,229.67 million yen (≈8.39 million USD). Meaning, Between September 26 to October 23, the series sold an additional 5.4 million yen (≈36.83 thousand USD) of physical products as tracked by Oricon in Japan. Please note that other than sales from its Video segment (its largest contributor), sales from its Music segment were also considered for the month.

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Number 2 and 3 are filled by the Spy x Family series and Chainsaw Man series at 877.32 million yen (≈5.98 million USD) and 544.14 million yen (≈3.71 million USD) respectively. The two series did not make it onto the chart for the week between September 26 and October 2, however, they were placed in the subsequent charts continuously for three times with Spy x Family starting off with a wide advantage over Chainsaw Man between October 3 and October 9, the week that saw the releases of the two titles’ latest Manga volumes. The 773,785 copies sold by Spy x Family’s 10th volume helped the series to secure the Number 1 spot on the series sales chart in the first 6 days to which it sold (including other segments) a total of 437.58 million yen (≈2.98 million USD) worth of physical products that week while Chainsaw Man was placed 3rd on the series chart, like Spy x Family, buoyed by the strong start of its 12th volume that sold 233,928 copies in its first 6 days. Sales then slowed down for the two titles the week after with Spy x Family down by nearly 57% whereas Chainsaw Man only suffered a small drop of 18.56%. Then, between October 17 and October 23, Spy x Family suffered yet another drop, this time by almost 42%, but Chainsaw Man, thanks to a boost it is receiving from its Anime adaptation (which is airing this season as of the time of writing) saw most of its Manga volumes moving up that week, allowing the series to record positive growth of 10.40% week-on-week, outpacing Spy x Family. Unfortunately, the two series did not manage to find a place on the series chart between October 24 and October 30 amid strong competition from Anime series: Lycoris Recoil and Love Live! For Spy x Family, total sales for the month included Video, Music, Books and Novels with Manga being its largest contributor while Chainsaw Man derived sales from two segments being Books and Novels, plus Manga with the latter being its largest contributor.

Top Sales According to Series (October, 2022)

(From September 26, 2022 to October 30, 2022)

1. Osomatsu-kun
Osomatsu-san The Movie [Deluxe Edition Complete BOX]
Type: Film
Total amount of sales during the period:
1,372.3 million yen (tax included)
1,235.07 million yen (without tax)

2. Spy x Family
Spy x Family Vol. 10
Type: Comic
Total amount of sales during the period:
974.8 million yen (tax included)
877.32 million yen (without tax)

3. Chainsaw Man
Chainsaw Man Vol. 12
Type: Comic
Total amount of sales during the period:
604.6 million yen (tax included)
544.14 million yen (without tax)

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All currency conversion was done at the time of writing.

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Source: Oricon

Google Charts:
Spy x Family and Chainsaw Man Series’ Sales

October 2022

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