Top Sales According to Series for the Month of June 2022

Spy x Family remains the best-selling title for the third consecutive month albeit a 27.72% drop in sales from the month before to 721.71 million yen (≈5.34 million USD) amid a slowdown in sales of its Manga in the month of June. However, it remains to be seen if the slowdown will persist seeing the first cour of its Anime has just ended, which may lead to a small boost in sales. Going into next week, and if no boost is recorded, we can surmise that the series has already entered the maturity stage. All in all, from the month its Anime aired until June 26, the series has brought in 2,829.76 million yen (≈20.93 million USD) worth of sales.

Between June 20 and June 26, an uplift in sales for the entire series is observed, but this is not brought upon sales of its Manga. Instead, in that week, the single Mixed Nuts which is sung by the pop band Official Hige Dandism made its debut at 31,637 copies sold in its first 5 days. The opening theme video has also surpassed 10 million views as of the time of writing on Youtube. One thing to note as well would be the sales you see in the graph below encompasses the total accumulated for both its Manga, Books and Light Novels until June 13 and June 19. For the week between June 20 and June 26, sales of its Music were considered, but most of its sales were derived from its Manga.

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Next on the list is Koi Nante, Honki de Yatte Dousuruno? at 698.31 million yen (≈5.16 million USD) due to strong turnout of its soundtrack Watashi, performed by the boy band SixTONES which sold a whopping 471,469 copies in its first 5 days. Then, we have Tokyo Revengers at Number 3 with a total of 536.4 million yen (≈3.97 million USD) worth of sales made during the month thanks to strong performance of its Manga’s 28th volume. Nevertheless, this is still weaker by 26.92% and 25.07% than the sales it accumulated for the months of January and February this year. Without further ado, the full list is as follows:

Top Sales According to Series (June, 2022)

(From May 30, 2022 to June 26, 2022)

1. Spy x Family
Spy x Family Vol. 9
Type: Comic
Total amount of sales during the period:
801.9 million yen (tax included)
721.71 million yen (without tax)

2. Koi Nante, Honki de Yatte Dousuruno?
Watashi [Limited Edition]
Type: CD Maxi
Total amount of sales during the period:
775.9 million yen (tax included)
698.31 million yen (without tax)

3. Tokyo Revengers
Tokyo Revengers Vol. 28
Type: Comic
Total amount of sales during the period:
596.0 million yen (tax included)
536.4 million yen (without tax)

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All currency conversion was done at the time of writing. 1 USD ≈ 135 yen

Source: Oricon

Google Charts:
Spy x Family Weekly Revenue (in Million ¥)
Spy x Family Monthly Sales in ¥ (Japan, 2022)

May 30 to Jun. 26, 2022

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