Top Sales According to Series for the Month of July 2022

The Monthly Series chart for July is led by Moekare wa Orange-iro (also known as My Boyfriend in Orange) at 1,263.06 million yen (≈9.22 million USD), largely thanks to great performance of its single titled “Orange Kiss” performed by the Japanese idol boy band, Snow Man. It sold 830,163 copies in its first 5 days between July 11 and July 17 and serves as the official theme song for the live-action film which adapts Non Tamashima’s Manga of the same name. The shoujo title is serialized in the Dessert magazine by Kodansha with more information about it can be found here via its official web page. You can also read the Manga’s first chapter for free in Japanese right here. Note that its sales for the month also include its Manga, though Music is its largest contributor.

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At Number 2 is Kieta Hatsukoi at 844.74 million yen (≈6.17 million USD), mainly driven by sales of its live-action film’s Blu-rays and DVDs which sold a total of 42,199 copies in its first 3 days. The film was initially released on October 9 last year and adapts the Manga by Wataru Hinekure and Aruko that recently ended its serialization on June 13. Here, the total sales are made up of its Video, Music and Manga with a strong concentration on its Video segment. More information about the title can be found on its official Manga web page here and its first chapter can be read for free in Japanese right here.

Kieta Hatsukoi’s Manga 1st chapter spread page

Finally, we have the Love Live! series taking the 3rd spot at 793.62 million yen (≈5.80 million USD) amid strong returns from its Video segment while Music, Books and Novels and Manga were also considered. Within the month, the series has noted a couple of successful releases including Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours CLUB CD SET 2022 WHITE EDITION [Limited Edition], its single that sold 13,340 copies in its first 4 days, and then Love Live! Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Doukoukai 4th Live! ~Love the Life We Live~ Blu-ray Memorial BOX which sold 6,220 copies in its first 5 days. Without further ado, the full list is as follows:

Top Sales According to Series (July, 2022)

(From June 27, 2022 to July 31, 2022)

1. Moekare wa Orange-iro
Orange Kiss [Limited Edition]
Type: Single CD
Total amount of sales during the period:
1,403.4 million yen (tax included)
1,263.06 million yen (without tax)

2. Kieta Hatsukoi
Kieta Hatsukoi Blu-ray BOX
Type: Drama
Total amount of sales during the period:
938.6 million yen (tax included)
844.74 million yen (without tax)

3. Love Live!
Love Live! Superstar!! Liella! First Love Live! Tour ~ Starlines ~ Blu-ray Memorial Box [Limited Release]
Type: Anime
Total amount of sales during the period:
881.8 million yen (tax included)
793.62 million yen (without tax)

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All currency conversion was done at the time of writing.

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Source: Oricon

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