Top Sales According to Series for the Month of August 2022

It comes in as no surprise that One Piece would top the chart for the month of August seeing its stellar performances with the entrances of its new Manga volumes at the start of the month that greeted the chart between August 1 and August 7 with great success. The 103rd volume was off to a good start in its first 4 days at 1,275,743 copies sold while its related titles, such as One Piece: Episode A Volumes 1 and 2, plus Shokugeki no Sanji saw another whopping 199,274 copies sold. Most likely a compound effect from the release of its One Piece Film: Red (released on August 6). With 1,475,017 copies sold combined for its new and latest Manga volumes, the series was thrust into the 1st spot on Oricon’s weekly series chart for the week with a total of 767.52 million yen (≈5.47 million USD) worth of sales made. Note that the second week of the month saw its album, Uta no Uta selling a total of 104,362 copies sold on the album chart in its first 5 days. Then, One Piece Magazine Volume 15 sold 50,058 copies in its first week on the Book chart. Sales did weaken as it enters the second week of August by 20.79% to 607.95 million yen (≈4.34 million USD) but manages to hold well thanks to the releases of its album and magazine, but it was the third week that was mostly felt as sales dropped by 50.60% to 300.33 million yen (≈2.14 million USD). Sales for the series bounced back the fourth week of August by a small 5.36% to end at 316.44 million yen (≈2.26 million USD). All in all, that is a total of 1,992.33 million yen (≈14.21 million USD). Apart from its Manga which was the biggest contributor to physical sales for the month, sales from its Video, Music, Book and Novel segments were also counted.

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Jujutsu Kaisen and Tokyo Revengers are placed 2nd and 3rd respectively at 943.65 million yen (≈6.73 million USD) and 578.79 million yen (≈4.13 million USD). Like One Piece, both series’ sales were mainly driven by their Manga with sales from their Video, Music, Book and Novel segments also counted. Jujutsu Kaisen had as strong first week in August amid the release of its 20th volume which went on to sell 853,877 copies in its first 4 days whereas Tokyo Revengers’ latest and 29th volume came out the third week to see 444,084 copies sold in its first 5 days. The release of Jujutsu Kaisen’s Volume 20 had helped it placed second in the weekly series chart between August 1 and August 7 at 566.82 million yen (≈4.04 million USD), but sales dropped the week after by 63.05% as demand waned. The series failed to chart on the next two weeks but should have seen around 376.83 million yen (≈2.69 million USD) worth of sales made during the period. As for Tokyo Revengers, the week its 29th volume was released, it was placed 2nd ahead of One Piece in the series chart at 311.04 million yen (≈2.22 million USD), however, it failed to chart on the Top 3 the week after.

Top Sales According to Series (August, 2022)

(From August 1, 2022 to August 28, 2022)

1. One Piece
One Piece Vol. 103
Type: Comic
Total amount of sales during the period:
2,213.7 million yen (tax included)
1,992.33 million yen (without tax)

2. Jujutsu Kaisen
Jujutsu Kaisen Vol. 20
Type: Comic
Total amount of sales during the period:
1,048.5 million yen (tax included)
943.65 million yen (without tax)

3. Tokyo Revengers
Tokyo Revengers Vol. 29
Type: Comic
Total amount of sales during the period:
643.1 million yen (tax included)
578.79 million yen (without tax)

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Source: Oricon

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One Piece Weekly Revenue

August 2022

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