The Dragon Ball Series is Still Bandai Namco’s Biggest IP as of Fiscal Year 2022

Bandai Namco Holdings Inc. released its full fiscal year result ending March 31, 2022, revealing that the Dragon Ball series is yet again its biggest IP with a small growth recorded at 0.16% from the fiscal year before to 127.6 billion yen (984.03 million USD) in sales. This is unfortunately not its best in recent years, having peaked in fiscal year 2020 at 134.9 billion yen (≈1.04 billion USD) after two consecutive rises from the fiscal year 2018 to 2020. Nevertheless, it is a very significant amount. The Mobile Suit Gundam series remains its second-best IP, and perhaps progression-wise, its best performing title to date with consistent rise since fiscal year 2018, but sales were stagnated for the fiscal years 2019 and 2020. Year-on-year, sales have grown by 6.59% to 101.7 billion yen (≈784.32 million USD). It’s third largest is One Piece at 44.1 billion yen (≈340.10 million USD), up by 13.83% year-on-year, its best so far since fiscal year 2018.

MSG - Mobile Suit Gundam series
ANP - Anpanman
PC! - PRETTY CURE! series
ULTR - Ultraman series
SS - Super Sentai series
AIK! - Aikatsu! series

If we look at its sales of toys and hobby in Japan, we can see that they are the biggest contributors for sales of the Pretty Cure series which accounts to 98.28% of its total sales, the Anpanman series is next at 93.55%, Super Sentai is 88.00% while the Kamen Rider series is 77.29%. As for its three biggest IPs, the Dragon Ball series only noted a 15.44% from the overall sales, One Piece is at 22.68% whereas the Mobile Suit Gundam series is the largest of the three at 43.46%. However, we do not know the status of sales outside of Japan for this segment.

Sales of IPs (Toys and Hobby Business, Japan)

  Sales (in Billion ¥)  % from Overall Sales
DRAGON BALL series 19.7 15.44
Mobile Suit Gundam series 44.2 43.46
ONE PIECE 10.0 22.68
KAMEN RIDER series 22.8 77.29
Ultraman series 8.0 47.62
Anpanman 8.7 93.55
PRETTY CURE! series 5.7 98.28
Super Sentai series 4.4 88.00
Aikatsu! series 1.0 52.63

The group also reported the packaging sales of its visual, music business and creation business falling below expectation to 12.4 billion yen (≈95.62 million USD) from the forecasted 14.0 billion yen (≈107.96 million USD), but the sales from production, license, distribution, events and others have surpassed its forecast of 66.0 billion yen (≈508.98 million USD) by 16.46% to 79.0 billion yen (≈609.23 million USD). Note that Anime or copyrighted titles that fall under BANDAI NAMCO Arts, SUNRISE and BANDAI NAMCO Picture are here.

All in all, its total net sales groupwide jumped 20% from the prior fiscal year to settle at 889 billion yen (≈6.91 billion USD) with a recurring profit of 133 billion yen (≈1.04 billion USD) recorded, an improvement of 52.5% year-on-year.

BANDAI NAMCO Holdings is incorporated in Japan with its head office in Minato-ku. It is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange under ticket symbol: 7832.

All currency conversion was done at the time of writing. 1 USD = 128.70 yen

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Full Year Result (FY2022)

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