Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken, Rimuru to Receive a Figurine Based on 2nd Season’s Teaser Visual

Remember the visual teaser released back around May 2019 featured along with the season two’s announcement? Looks like Rimuru Tempest, the main character from the series, “Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken” will receive a figurine that looks exactly like the teaser. This was announced recently by F:NEX via its website together with a slew of details regarding the merchandise.

Teaser Visual:

F:NEX Figurine:

The figurine has almost every single detail down, from the Katana to the lining on the throne – “almost” since some people may argue that the Katana should go a lot more inwards – including Rimuru in his slime form. Texture, wrinkles on Rimuru’s outfit are expressed in great detail too. Also, check out the cracks on the throne, which have all been engraved unto the figurine with great attention.

Unfortunately, the merchandise is not listed anywhere on CDJapan nor Amazon. Therefore, the only way to obtain it may have to be through F:NEX’s own platform here. The figurine will cost you ¥19,800 (~$186 at the time of writing) and can be pre-ordered from August 3, 10 AM to October 2, 23:59 PM. It is expected to ship out March 2021.

Initially, the second season of the Anime was scheduled to start October 2020, however the date was pushed back to January 2021 for the first cour. The second cour is slated to start its broadcast from April 2021 onward. More details about the Anime and the merchandise can be found below.

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