Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken Movie: Guren No Kizuna-Hen’s Box Office Revenue has Surpassed 750,000,000 Yen in Box Office Revenue in its First 12 Days, Audience Count at 570,000

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken Movie: Guren No Kizuna-Hen’s box office revenue performance in Japan has reached 750,000,000 yen (≈5.48 million USD) in its first 12 days, on track to cross the 1 billion yen (≈9.92 million USD) at this pace. The audience count has also grown by 190,000 people to 570,000 people.

First 3 Days

Box office revenue: 416,000,000 yen
Audience count: 310,000

First 6 Days

Box office revenue: 500,000,000 yen
Audience count: 380,000

First 12 Days

Box office revenue: 750,000,000 yen
Audience count: 570,000

Released on November 25, 2022, the film is described by Anime News Network as follows:

A long-running conspiracy is swirling over a mysterious power known as “Queen” in Raja, a small country west of Tempest. When a slime who evolved into a Demon Lord named Rimuru Tempest crosses paths with Hiiro, a survivor of the Ogre race, an incredible adventure packed with new characters begins. The power of bonds will be put to the test!

The film is directed by Yasuhito Kikuchi (Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken, Saint Seiya) and features the return of its original casts: Miho Okasaki as Rimuru Tempest, Rina Hidaka as Milim Navam and Takahiro Sakurai as Diablo.

MindaRyn performed the ending theme song of the film, Make Me Feel Better while TRUE and STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION are also set to return by performing the film’s insert songs, Jouka and SPARKLES.


Ending Theme Song (Make Me Feel Better by MindaRyn)

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Official Website:

First 3 Days
First 6 Days

Yahoo! (First 3 days)
Yahoo! (First 6 days)
MANTANWEB (Cross Ref, first 3 days)
MANTANWEB (First 12 days)
Yahoo! (Cross Ref, 12 days)

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