SONY Has Denied October as Release Date of Playstation 5

Playstation 5

A release date of Playstation 5 supposedly appeared on one of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) recruitment ad via the Japanese site “Rikunabi NEXT“. Apparently, the release date was an error on the site’s end as SIE, through its Public Relation Affairs has mentioned that it did not make any announcement on a fixed month for the release of Playstation 5. Famitsu has confirmed the matter with SIE’s Public Relation Affairs office through one of its latest article here.

According to the ad, the release date of Playstation 5 was put up as October 2020. However, this has been clearly denied by SIE. As of 12th of May 2020, the release date of Playstation 5 is still somewhere at the year’s end (holiday 2020).

Source: Famitsu
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