Seishun Buta Yarou wa Odekake Sister no Yume wo Minai Has Grossed More Than 300 Million Yen in Box Office Revenue in 11 Days

Seishun Buta Yarou wa Odekake Sister no Yume wo Minai for the period between June 23 to July 3 has grossed 307,872,136 yen (≈2.19 million USD) in box office revenue with 214,342 admissions in eleven days.

Jun. 23 – Jun. 25 (First 3 Days): 118,000 admissions, 175,000,000 yen
Jun. 26 – Jul. 3 (Next 8 Days): 96,342 admissions, 132,872,136 yen

Cumulative (11 Days):
214,342 admissions, 307,872,136 yen

About the Movie

Released on June 23, 2023, Seishun Buta Yarou wa Odekake Sister no Yume o Minai (or Rascal Does Not Dream of a Sister Venturing Out in English) was produced by studio CloverWorks and adapts the eighth volume of the Light Novel series of which its synopsis according to Yen Press is as follows:

WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO MAKE HER WISH COME TRUE? After a draining December, Sakuta is quickly nearing the end of his second year of high school. Since Mai is a third-year student, they don’t have much time left together before graduation rolls around. Meanwhile, his sister, Kaede, is slowly but steadily venturing outdoors again. Just as she begins to find her footing, she announces her most ambitious goal yet—attending her brother’s high school! Sakuta knows better than anyone how difficult this will be for Kaede, and he’s ready to support her however he can. He’s just not sure if that’s what’s best for her…or what she really wants…

Main Casts

Mai Sakurajima – Asami Seto
Sakuta Azusagawa – Kaito Ishikawa


Souichi Masui – Director
Hajime Kamoshida – Original Creator
Keiji Mizoguchi – Original Character Design
Masahiro Yokotani – Script, Series Composition
Yoshikazu Iwanami – Sound Director
Satomi Tamura – Chief Animation Director, Character Design
Satoshi Ookubo – Art Director
Shiozawa, Yoshinori – Background Art
Akinori Mishima – Editing
Saya Utsumi – Special Effects
Xiaomu Yang – Director of Photography
Asuka Yokota – Colour Design
fox capture plan – Music


Official Ending Theme Song by Kaede Azusagawa “Fukashigi no Carte Kaede Azusagawa ver.”

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All currency conversion was done at the time of writing.

Source: Mantan Web (3 days); animate Times (11 days)
Anime’s official site: Here

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