Registering for Oricon’s Yuutaiju (Personal) Account

I shall be guiding you guys on how to register for Oricon’s Yuutaiju (Personal) Account through this post. Before that, there are a couple of things you will need to know:

  1. This blog is not affiliated with nor is sponsored by Oricon.
  2. Oricon has a strict policy with regards to the sharing of information belonging to the Yuutaiju platform. It is prohibited for individual subscribers of the platform to post the ranking on personal sites and business sites (social media, websites, etc.). Therefore, if you are subscribed to the Yuutaiju information service, please handle the information available responsibly. The blog and myself shall not be held accountable for any leaks. For more information about the terms and condition, see here.
  3. While Oricon may answer questions related to the rankings, they can only do so in Japanese. Any inquiries made in English may not be entertained by the company.

I shall add more information as I go through the steps. With that said, let’s get on with it!

Step 1

Head over to the link right here, you should come to this page:

Click on 新規会員登録 (New Member Registration)
Note: The subscription fee will be ¥950 (~$8.76) a month, but excluding tax. The consumption tax except food related goods is currently at 10%, therefore you are looking at around ¥1,045 (~$9.63).

Once you have clicked on the link, you will brought over to Step 2.

Step 2

Let us start from the top:

  1. Name: The surname and given name should be in Japanese, preferably in Kanji. If you do not possess names in the form of Chinese characters, you can utilise the net for names. I think surnames such as 高橋 (Takahashi), 小林 (Kobayashi) and 田中 (Tanaka) are quite common, so you can go with any of those. Given name for boys, 承太郎 (Joutarou), 健太 (Kenta) and 浅野 (Asano) are some that I can think of. For girls, you can try 瞳 (Hitomi), 茜 (Akane) and 三坂 (Misaka). Or, you can look at names of Anime characters or your favourite Seiyuu for reference.
  2. Reading (Furigana): This is more on how to read your names as Japanese characters tend to have multiple readings. These would have to be done according to the Hiragana chart, you can refer to here. For instance: 小林 (Surname) 茜 (Given Name) should be こばやし (Kobayashi) あかね (Akane).
  3. Username (or Handle Name): It is not compulsory to have one, but it is recommended to have one. This can be input in your usual Latin alphabets. For example, James01.
  4. Address: I inserted my home address, in my home country, so the service is not region locked. So, go ahead and use yours. If you require any help, for instance address to be in Japanese, let me know. Or you can just well… Google Translate. It works rather well for foreign addresses.
  5. Gender: Choose however you like.
  6. Date of Birth: Choose however you like.
  7. Industry type: This is asking about your profession. As for myself, I chose “その他” meaning “Others” from the drop-down. If you want to choose others on the list, feel free to ask me.
  8. Password and Confirm Password: As usual
  9. Card Number: Note I have tried with a debit card, but it won’t work. This service only accepts credit cards. So input as usual.
  10. Expiry date and Security Code: As usual
  11. Reason for joining: You can check any according to the translation I have provided. You can only choose one, and this won’t affect the data you can view.
  12. Confirm again that all the information is as you wanted, then click agree to the terms and condition, then register. If your card doesn’t work, an error would prompt. If it works you will be sent straight onto the main page of the Yuutaiju platform.

If my explanation is not clear to you, feel free to drop a comment below or email me.

Step 3

This is how the main page of Yuutaijuu would look like. It is rather simple and speedy. To access the charts, look at the left side of the page and scroll down.

Look for アニメコミックらノベ (Anime Comic Light Novel). Then, click on the charts you wish to see. To showcase, let’s try “Anime BD Weekly 20”.

Once you have clicked on it, you will see something that looks like this. I had to black out the data due to Oricon’s policy. You can refer to the translations to have a better idea of what each section entails.

Unfortunately, everything released by Oricon will be in Japanese and the texts available on the Yuutaiju platform are not copyable. Therefore, it will be hard to cross-check with other databases. If you require assistance, I may be of help, but you may have to provide verification that you are indeed a subscriber to Oricon data service. If you are looking for a specific title, you can still utilise the CTRL + F function by copy-pasting the Japanese title.

Actual Charts Release Schedule

The charts availability is quite different to the ones released through its ORICON NEWS website. Note that these are the charts posted by the blog on a weekly basis. The release schedule for the charts through ORICON NEWS currently stand at:

Anime – Thursday 11 AM
Manga – Friday 11 AM
Light Novel – Friday 11 AM
Series – Friday 11 AM
*All in Japan time

As for charts released on Yuutaiju, you can find them here or as below:

It should be as the following:

Anime Blu-ray DailyEveryday 6:00 PM
Anime Blu-ray WeeklyEvery Tuesday 5:00 PM
Anime Blu-ray YearlyEnd of the year, schedule to be announced
Anime DVD WeeklyEvery Tuesday 5:00 PM
Anime Series WeeklyEvery Tuesday 5:00 PM
Anime Series MonthlyOn the Friday, following the last week of aggregation
Manga WeeklyEvery Friday 10:00 AM
Manga MonthlyOn the Friday, following the last week of aggregation
Manga YearlyEnd of the year, schedule to be announced
Manga Series WeeklyFriday 5:00 PM
Manga Series Group WeeklyFriday 10:00 AM
Manga Series MonthlyOn the Friday, following the last week of aggregation
Light Novel WeeklyEvery Friday 10:00 AM
Light Novel MonthlyOn the Friday, following the last week of aggregation
Light Novel YearlyEnd of the year, schedule to be announced
Light Novel Series WeeklyEvery Friday 5:00 PM
Light Novel Series Group WeeklyEvery Friday 10:00 AM
Light Novel Series MonthlyOn the Friday, following the last week of aggregation

As for the Blog

Now, I do have access to a longer list, but I am unable to share the charts here due to Oricon’s policy. But, I hope this would help some of you who would like to gain information on some of your favourite titles not available on this blog or elsewhere, or simply, perhaps some of you would like to support the company.

As of the moment, I am still researching on how to get more data onto the blog (the legal way), such as looking at Oricon Business. I have some information about that, first that it is quite costly. Around $1250 ~ $1300 a month for the Blu-ray chart alone and Book charts are still subject to how much the company intends to charge. However, upon further inspection on their policies, it would seem like you still are not allowed to share the information on personal and business sites such as mine or any social network platforms. I will see if I can confirm this with some of my Japanese friends, and will email them (Oricon) on what can be done or not be done. Once I have gotten the information needed, I will see if I can raise funds to have a more exhaustive list or lists here.

For more information about Oricon, do read my post here. Also, feel free to leave a comment or two and share your thoughts with me! I am always happy to hear your feedback. I wish you guys a wonderful day ahead!

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