Record Sales for IG Port, but It Slips into the Red for the Fiscal Year 2022, Kaizoku Oujo and the Koukaku Kidoutai Series are its Best-Performing Titles

IG Port operates a number of businesses through its group of companies with sales mainly driven by four segments: Video Production Business, Publishing Business, Copyright or Licensing Business and its Other Business (drawing illustration for magazines, character products etc.). The followings are the breakdown of its performance for the fiscal year 2022 from June 1, 2021, to May 31, 2022:

Its Video Production Business reported a huge performance boost year-on-year with net sales increasing by as much as 11.35% to 5,349,846 thousand yen (≈38.43 million USD), but it is a massive turnaround for its operating profit which recorded a heavy loss the year before and have now seen a very significant recovery to 402,799 thousand yen (≈2.89 million USD). Note that it is this segment that houses the studios where one of its subsidiaries, Wit Studio (please see the sources section below) succumbed to a plunge in its net asset to a negative 866,868 thousand yen (≈6.23 million USD) the year before. As such, the segment bouncing back up on a strong footing is certainly music to many ears as this would mean its studios have performed much better for the fiscal year. Unfortunately, IG Port has not published the full securities report for the fiscal year, hence the performance of its group of studios is still unknown as of the time of writing.

In this segment and as the name suggests, the group focuses its effort in delivering animation works such as: Spy x Family, Ao Ashi, Ousama Ranking and many more. It also produces animation works for other types of video products such as commercials, games and pachinko. That said, for the fiscal year, the group has faced various challenges due to rising prices, in addition to the longer production time. The group also informed that it has seen improvement in some deliveries, yet losses on orders were also recorded for some projects.

Its Publishing Business remains steady as sales reported another jump year-on-year to 2,646,940 thousand yen (≈19.02 million USD), a 22.50% increase from the year before while its operating profit reported a decent growth of 31.89% to 541,427 thousand yen (≈3.89 million USD). This is by far its best performance to date since fiscal year 2012 for the segment.

According to the group, it has noticed an increase in trend for e-book sales which attributed to the strong operating profit for the fiscal year and noting a 40% growth from the year before amid its Manga adaptation efforts, plus publishing titles at the right time when there is strong demand for the Narou-kei, Isekai and Akuyaku Reijou genres. In this segment, the group is deriving its sales from the publication of its Monthly Comic Garden. The segment currently has 125 titles altogether which includes Manga, novels, and original guidebooks with the fiscal year seeing the latest publication of the following titles: Mahoutsukai no Yome, Tensei Kizoku no Isekai Boukenroku, Madougushi Dahlia wa Utsumukanai and many more.

Then, its Copyright Business continues to build its momentum, having its third consecutive growth as sales pushes upward by 37.55% year-on-year to 2,932,015 thousand yen (≈21.04 million USD) and an increase of 19.20% has been recorded for its operating profit to 590,384 thousand yen (≈4.24 million USD). However, do note that it experienced a total of 646,263 thousand yen (≈4.64 million USD) in depreciation cost.

Here, it derives sales both locally and internationally by selling the rights of works based on the distribution of income according to the investment ratio in a production committee for the purpose of producing animation related works. Some of these titles include: Koukaku Kidoutai, Kaizoku Oujo, Vampire in the Garden and many more. Although all seems well for the segment, the group has cautioned that sales have only increased slightly, and it predicts that receipts from this segment will fall substantially for the fiscal year 2023 (see page 24 of its presentation material) despite having big names under its belt like Spy x Family and Ao Ashi. It attributes the slow down to the diminishing returns from its past titles. As for the performances of some of its individual performances, please see the part that comes after next.

As for its Other Business, its net sales increased by 15.3% to 336,560 thousand yen (≈2.42 million USD), however the segment has reported an operating loss of 43,788 thousand yen (≈314.36 thousand USD).

All in all, its Video Production Business is still the group’s largest contributor in terms of sales, accounting for 50.2% of the entire sales of the group while its Copyright Business outpaces its Publishing Business to be the second largest at 24.7%, and the other is at 22.3%. Its Other Business remains at a small 2.8% of the group’s total income. In total, the group recorded a healthy 11,872,358 thousand yen (≈85.23 million USD) in sales for the fiscal year, a 19.51% jump and also its best so far since fiscal year 2012. Although profit attributable to parents sits at 5,751 thousand yen (≈41.29 thousand USD) according to page 3 of its presentation material, its actual performance has slumped into the red to 21,690 thousand yen (≈155.72 thousand USD) according to its brief financial statement page 9. The group noted that this is due to higher taxable income and tax expenses for the fiscal year causing its net profit or loss to weaken considerably. Though the heavy losses incurred by its studios the year before may have played a part as well.

Note: There is a problem with the percentage points issued to each title on page 8 of the presentation material where all of the points when added together should total up to 100, as in the case observed in the presentation materials that were published the years before. However, this time, the percentage points when added together amounts to 102%, which means that when totalled, the total sales would not equal to the 2,696 million yen (≈19.36 million USD) you see on page 9. I have sent out an email to alert IG Port about the issue, though I am not sure if a reply would come. Let us hope that it will. As such, I have decided to deduct a small amount, to be exact 2% each from the titles since I do not know which title has been mistakenly assigned the additional 2%. This in turns produces a very slightly, lower amount of its actual sales — when totalled up altogether after the deduction, it became 2,695 million yen, but should still be very accurate.

As for IG Port’s best performing titles for the fiscal year, that would be Kaizoku Oujo and Koukaku Kidoutai, produced by Production I.G, at roughly 449 million yen (≈3.28 million USD) in sales whereas the second biggest earner belongs to Vampire in the Garden at 370 million yen (≈2.66 million USD). Note that as for Kaizoku Oujo and Vampire in the Garden, its total sales according to IG Port on page 9 includes its video production sales and were not included in the Video Production Business segment as both titles are original works. Therefore, any other titles you see down below (other than the two aforementioned titles), these are sales only through its Copyright Business. Sales from their publications or video production, or both are not considered.

If you find any issues with the information above, please do not hesitate to let me know! Also, don’t shy away from dropping a comment or two down below and share your thoughts with us.

IG Port, Inc. is incorporated in Japan with its head office in Musashino​-shi. It is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange under ticket symbol: 3791.

Note: All currency conversion were done at the time of writing, 1 USD ≈ 139 yen

Updated (July 16, 2022): Minor adjustments made to the wordings (title and paragraph 9). IG Port real performance has slipped into the red with a net loss, not as in the profit slipped. Profit attributable to owners or parents is still positive.

Brief Financial Statement (FY2022)
Presentation Material (FY2022)

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