Limited Editions: Persona 5 Take Your Heart Premium Edition vs Final Fantasy XV Deluxe Edition

So, I got Final Fantasy XV Deluxe Edition last year upon its release world wide paying a whopping MYR429 (USD97 – current rate) and thought to myself, perhaps this is what you get for the said price. Persona 5 (English) was released recently (early of April) and of course, being one of my favourite games of all time, I just cannot help but to take a peek at its very own premium edition. To my surprise! The content was too good to be true and I ended up ordering it online. Paying a hefty MYR479 (USD108 – current rate). With just an addition of MYR50 (USD11 – current rate) let’s see what you can get with the Persona 5 Take Your Heart Edition and if Atlus could live up to its name. Then, let us compare and see if it is worth your every single dime!

Final Fantasy XV Deluxe Edition (MYR429/USD97)

20170418_135932The SteelBook Case (right) and the Cover (left)

20170418_140157All of the content in the SteelBook case.

20170418_140247All of the content in the SteelBook case with the Thank You card flipped.

Persona 5 Take Your Heart Edition (MYR479/USD108)

20170418_140609The cover of the box.

20170418_140958After taking out the cover, you’ll have this beautiful looking box with the main characters imprinted on it. From left Morgana, Kurusu Akira (the main protagonist, and yes the name is canon), Sakamoto Ryuji and Takamaki Ann.

20170418_141018The box opened.

20170418_141103You’ll get an artbook, I can’t open it up cause I would rather not run into any copyright issues.

20170418_141119A Morgana plushy!

20170418_141132The official soundtrack.

20170418_141148The SteelBook (right) and its cover (left).

20170418_141208The SteelBook case.

20170418_141248And finally, the school bag used by the main protagonist to go to school!! Holy cow!

My thoughts

At this point, it is undeniable that Persona 5 Take Your Heart Edition is the clear winner. By adding MYR50 (USD11) you are rewarded with goodies I am sure many are dying to get. While I do love Final Fantasy, I can’t seem to fathom why such a high price with very little content. DLCs are okay, but do not seem to be worth all that pennies. If you are just a casual Final Fantasy or Persona 5 fan and am thinking to go for either of the two premium editions, I would highly recommend Persona 5’s limited premium edition. And for whether Persona 5 is a better game or is Final Fantasy XV a better game, let’s leave it for next time. I’ll make a video comparison of the two once I get my hands on my soon to come camera! Till next time!


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