Persona 5 Royal: Goro Akechi Revealed in New Introductory Video

Atlus has yet again unveiled another familiar cast in its new introductory video via their own Youtube channel. This time, its the detective prince, Goro Akechi who investigates the Phantom Thieves in Japan. The video starts out with Goro and the main protagonist together at a pool bar (one of the new locations in the game). Goro seems glad to be able to spend some time freely although the main protagonist pointed out that he always seems busy. To which Goro politely denied, and said “Well, not exactly free… but, I am not always busy you know?”.


Then we get to see the main protagonist and Goro hanging out at a cafe. Troubled by the unwanted attraction that the public may have (since Goro is rather popular), the protagonist had Goro don in some disguise to prevent the public from finding out Goro’s identity.

Akechi Goro 3

After that, we were shown a battle scene featuring Goro in one of his other outfit. You will see him wearing such outfit after some time into the game. But! All in all, we get to use him in his black outfit. Which is dope. Not to mention, his Persona Loki too would seem to be at our disposal.


The video then ends with Goro telling the protagonist to meet him at the same place again. But, it’ll be a different story if the protagonist chooses to live with his friends in this reality.

Besides, for more information, please do check out Atlus Live Streaming which shared tonnes of information pertaining to the upcoming game. Including a few more additional characters, new locations and Persona here:

Persona 5 Royal will be on sale on October 31, 2019 in Japan with the normal edition of the game costing 8,800 ¥ ($81.70) and the limited edition of the game costing 13,800 ¥ ($128.12) not inclusive of tax. The game is expected to arrive in the west sometime in 2020.

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