Oricon Inc.’s Net Income Grew From September 2019 to September 2020 Despite Fall in Ordinary Profit

As you probably have known for awhile now that this blog publishes data based on Oricon sales chart. Though, we are quite clear on a weekly basis, knowing how some of our favourite titles perform, how about Oricon? Is the company doing fine? Did it manage to power through 2020 as many companies were in a huge predicament? It turned out, despite lower ordinary profit recorded from the period between September 2019 to September 2020, Oricon has managed to see its net income grew from ¥352,892,000 (~$3,366,536) to ¥488,707,000 (~$4,662,191).

As a matter of fact, Oricon has seen a steady growth of net income ever since fiscal year of March of 2015, it then recorded ¥231,027,000 (~$2,204,161) whereas fiscal year of March 2020, saw its net income soared to ¥765,332,000 (~$7,301,764). Much of which were attributed to its Communication Business and Data Service Business. The latter — a major contributor to its revenue, saw sales increased 1.7% as of fiscal year of March 2020 as sales reached ¥653,586,000 (~$6,235,139).

In 2020, to combat and prevent further spread of COVID-19, the company too has deployed precautionary measures, such as work from home order or employees working at different times. The Communication Business as a result (it’s Oricon site) has suffered lower sales due to lack of face-to-face activities. However, revenue generated by its Data Service Business carried the company throughout 2020, as it was the only segment to have recorded an increase year-on-year.

We will find out more of its performance once Oricon releases its Financial Result for the third quarter of 2021, which should be out some time around this month. Oricon Inc., was established in 1999 and is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, ticker symbol: 48000


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