Official Trailer for ID:Invaded Released!

KADOKAWAanime via their official Youtube channel has released the first official trailer for ID:Invaded an original anime slated to be released next year, in 2020. The story seems to be revolved around a group of investigators (or detectives) having to investigate a murder case that have invaded the digital world.

Apart from the trailer, a new Key Visual was also release via their site:


Main Character – Sakaido (VA: Kenjiro Tsuda)
Director – Ei Aoki (Fate/Zero, The Garden of Sinners, ALDNOAH.ZERO)
Assistant Director – Takehiro Kubota
Screenplay – Otaro Maijo (The Dragon Dentist)
Character Draft – Yuuki Kodama (Blood Lad)
Charactor Design – Atsushi Ikariya  (Fate/stay night Heaven’s Feel, Fate/stay night UBW)
Concept Artist – Yoshihiro Sono  (PSYCHO-PASS, Kabaneri of the Iron Forress)
Main Animator – Daisuke Mataga  (Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World, Grimoire of Zero)
Color Design – Emi Chiba
Animators – Keita Shimizu, Ai Asari, Asuka Mameduka, Norie Igawa, Momoko Kawai

As for the trailer, Sakaido who claims to be a great detective insists that because of him being who he is, would have to solve the death of Kaeru (the dark haired girl we see in the trailer lying on the floor). And there is also an indication based on the trailer that the protagonist may have lost his memories. By recalling the name of the girl, he managed to recollect things about himself (for instance the fact that he is a great detective). It looks like he was thrown into this virtual world (but at this point, it is unknown whether if it was forced or voluntary). There were also others who may seem to be the supporting casts shown in the trailer.

Invaded 4

First impression, I am really liking the looks of this. It looks interesting and is backed by quite a good casts. Besides, here are more screenshots from the trailer:

Invaded 3

Invaded 2

For more information, visit: Official Website

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