Morgana Revealed! In Atlus Latest Persona 5 Royal Introduction Video

On the July 30th, Atlus has yet again unveiled another familiar face in its introductory video via its Youtube channel. This time featuring the Phantom Thieves very own Masc… I mean cat-like creature who firmly believed that he used to be a human before taking up such appearance. Morgana is also able to shapeshift into that of a bubbly, chubby looking Morgana (the one with the yellow scarf) and also into a van.

The video started off with a gathering at Cafe Leblanc with the usual members till Morgana walks in the arms of Sojiro and asks “You called?” to which Ryuji responded with “Yeah… right timing, we were just talking about you… ha??!” The second scene featured Ryuji, Yusuke and the protagonist at a festival in the summer where Ryuji complained of the hot weather to which Yusuke agrees comparing them to walking in a sauna. Right after we get to see Morgana and the protagonist discussing about Morgana’s awesome idea where later in the video, Ann seems disgruntled at the thought of it. In between, Morgana’s Persona Diego was featured this time taken from Zorro’s real name which is Don Diego de la Vega.

Morgana 2

Persona 5 Royal will be on sale on October 31, 2019 in Japan with the normal edition of the game costing 8,800 ¥ ($81.70) and the limited edition of the game costing 13,800 ¥ ($128.12) not inclusive of tax. The game is expected to arrive in the west sometime in 2020.

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