Japan Top Weekly Video Game Ranking: June 7, 2021 to June 13, 2021

Sales are down for Switch machines, PlayStation 5 and New 2DS LL for the week between June 7 to June 13, with the PlayStation 5 vanilla edition only suffering a small drop over sales of previous week. Xbox Series consoles however, have seen great growth week-on-week with Series X climbing as much as 84.14% to 2,182 units while Series S jumped 44.53% to see both editions pushing through a total of 2,694 units sold for the week. PlayStation 5 Digital Edition and PlayStation 4 too experienced a climb week-on-week to end the week on a very positive note.

It is thanks to the amazing folks over at Famitsu that we get to see these charts on a weekly basis, so be sure to head over to their site here and show them lots of love! Plus, all the data you find below is accessible via Famitsu right here.

Sales of Hardware

Hardware Weekly Sales Change Lifetime Sales
Switch 61,766 (↓16.76%) 16,304,390
Switch Lite 16,551 (↓28.05%) 3,889,413
PS5 15,648 (↓4.01%) 684,515
PS5 Digital Edition 3,771 (↑46.22%) 135,284
Xbox Series X 2,182 (↑84.14%) 36,185
Xbox Series S 512 (↑44.53%) 12,642
PS4 1,185 (↑56.51%) 7,792,135
New 2DS LL 395 (↓13.67%) 1,165,619

It certainly is an exciting week for Video Game Software, especially for Team Blue as we see several new releases from the PlayStation line-up making onto the chart for the week. Yet, the one that claims the top spot for the week is Nintendo’s own Nabi-tsuki! Tsukutte Wakaru Hajimete Game Programming at 71,241 copies sold. For those of you interested to see what the game is all about, be sure to check out the promotional video below. The game reminds me Scratch, a programming platform which serves an educational purpose, using block-like interface allowing people to make their own stories, games and animations.

It is quite unfortunate that the lack of PlayStation 5 consoles to go around could not help push Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart further up, the two places 2nd and 3rd for the week. Since PlayStation 4 owner of the Final Fantasy VII Remake can upgrade it to the Intergrade version for free, it could be that sales were not captured, hence the lower sales. Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection and Guilty Gear -Strive- are the other two new releases making onto the list with 12,210 copies and 11,722 copies sold respectively. Do note that the two titles are also available on Steam.

Video Game Software Top 10

1. Nabi-tsuki! Tsukutte Wakaru Hajimete Game Programming (NEW)
Sales: 71,241
Lifetime Sales: 71,241
Developer: Nintendo
Platform: Switch
Release Date: June 11, 2021
Link (JPN): CDJapan

2. Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade (NEW)
Sales: 20,889
Lifetime Sales: 20,889
Developer: Square Enix
Platform: PS5
Release Date: June 10, 2021
Link (JPN): CDJapan
Link (ENG): Square Enix

3. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart (NEW)
Sales: 14,663
Lifetime Sales: 14,663
Developer: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Platform: PS5
Release Date: June 11, 2021
Link (JPN): CDJapan
Link (ENG): Insomniac

4. Miitopia (↓43.16%)
Sales: 14,579
Lifetime Sales: 147,402
Developer: Nintendo
Platform: Switch
Release Date: May 21, 2021
Link (JPN): CDJapan
Link (ENG): Nintendo

5. Ring Fit Adventure (↓0.44%)
Sales: 13,507
Lifetime Sales: 2,627,908
Developer: Nintendo
Platform: Switch
Release Date: October 18, 2019
Link (JPN): Amazon
Link (ENG): Amazon

6. Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection (NEW)
Sales: 12,210
Lifetime Sales: 12,210
Developer: Koei Tecmo Games
Platform: PS4
Release Date: June 10, 2021
Link (JPN): CDJapan
Link (ENG): Team Ninja

7. Monster Hunter Rise (↓38.97%)
Sales: 11,951
Lifetime Sales: 2,257,335
Developer: Capcom
Platform: Switch
Release Date: March 26, 2021
Link (JPN): CDJapan
Link (ENG): Capcom

8. Guilty Gear -Strive- (NEW)
Sales: 11,722
Lifetime Sales: 11,722
Developer: Arc System Works
Platform: PS4
Release Date: June 11, 2021
Link (JPN): CDJapan
Link (ENG): Arc System Works

9. Minecraft (↓0.23%)
Sales: 11,661
Lifetime Sales: 1,995,228
Developer: Microsoft Japan
Platform: Switch
Release Date: June 21, 2018
Link (JPN): Amazon
Link (ENG): Amazon

10. Momotaro Dentetsu: Showa, Heisei, Reiwa mo Teiban! (↓16.13%)
Sales: 9,802
Lifetime Sales: 2,223,507
Developer: KONAMI
Platform: Switch
Release Date: November 19, 2020
Link (JPN): Amazon

Video Game Software Top 11 – 30

Rank Title Weekly Sales Lifetime Sales
11 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Switch 8,596 3,871,249
12 Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury Switch 8,561 776,315
13 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Switch 6,577 4,305,842
14 (NEW) Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection Switch 6,574 6,574
15 Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch 5,549 6,795,602
16 Super Mario Party Switch 5,262 1,909,313
17 New Pokémon Snap Switch 4,796 239,890
18 Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics Switch 4,710 725,003
19 Splatoon 2 Switch 4,027 3,880,613
20 Jack Jeanne Switch 3,931 25,518
21 Resident Evil Village PS4 3,767 183,253
22 (NEW) Guilty Gear -Strive- PS5 3,547 3,547
23 Pokémon Sword and Shield Switch 3,534 4,063,641
24 Rune Factory 5 Switch 3,429 125,632
25 DRAGON QUEST XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition Switch 2,051 104,863
26 Famicom Tantei Club: Kieta Koukeisha and Ushiro ni Tatsu Shoujo Collector’s Edition Switch 2,015 19,504
27 Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise Switch 1,982 108,902
28 The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Switch 1,951 1,824,086
29 Biomutant PS4 1,827 30,292
30 Judge Eyes: Shinigami no Yuigon PS4 1,771 22,415

As usual, if you find any faults with the list above, please not hesitate to let me know! Also, don’t shy away from dropping a comment or two down below and share your thoughts with us!

Source: Famitsu
Full Top 30: Tomorrow (Fri) around 12 PM (GMT +9)

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