Japan Top Weekly Manga Ranking: February 28, 2022 ~ March 6, 2022

Kaijuu 8-gou leads the chart for the week between February 28 and March 6 with the release of its 6th volume at 269,967 copies sold in its first 3 days, a 10.59% decrease from the debut sales of Volume 5, which 3-day sales were at 301,943 copies. Note that this is its second consecutive drop in sales after reaching a peak of 332,401 copies sold for Volume 4, also in its first 3 days.

Ao Ashi Volume 27 is right after with 105,060 copies sold in its first week, a slight improvement over Volume 25 by 1.87% and a decent upgrade over Volume 20 by 28.09%. The series has been showing signs of improvement since the announcement of its Anime back in May of last year. Pay attention to copies sold for Volume 24 onward, which was released back in May of 2021. After the Anime airs this coming April, we may see a bump in sales.

It is thanks to the amazing folks over at Oricon that we get to see these charts on a weekly basis, so be sure to head over to their site here and show them lots of love! In addition, all the data you find below is accessible via Oricon right here (Manga) and here (Series). If Google charts are what you prefer, you can find their respective links to the charts at the bottom of the post. Many of the titles that you see below have been discussed in the TSUTAYA’s sales chart for the same week, so do have a look at it right here. Some titles that did not make it onto the Top 30 chart were also discussed in the COMIC ZIN’s chart here

Skip over to Number 5 and you will find Dr. Stone Volume 25 at 74,980 copies sold in its first 3 days. Unfortunately, its sales performance is not as good as its prior volumes, in particular the 3-day sales of Volumes 20 and 21 which produced 81,466 copies and 106,819 copies sold respectively the year before. However, this 3-day sales is still decently better than the copies sold achieved by Volumes 13 and 15. It is unclear so far as to what causes the drop. The Anime received a sequel TV Anime series last year and a follow up season was announced to commence in 2023. In addition to that, the final volume is set to release in July this year. Its weak turnout may see it rising the week after, so do keep a lookout for that.

Next is Blue Giant Explorer Volume 5 at 65,429 copies sold in its first 7 days. The Manga was previously seen with its 4th volume at a comfortable 68,269 copies sold in its first 10 days. As such, this is a welcoming turnout. Kidou Senshi Gundam Thunderbolt is right after with its 19th volume at 59,225 copies sold, also in its first 7 days. It could not make a positive impression for some of its past volumes, and it was last seen with Volume 16 at 44,126 copies sold in 5 days.

Bungou Stray Dogs Volume 22 sees 57,581 copies sold in 3 days as it places 8th on the list. 3-day sales for its past volumes were slightly better for Volumes 19 and 20, both had 64,676 copies and 63,929 copies sold back in 2020. There was quite a slowdown in sales for Volume 21 observed back in August 2021 where its 6 days of sales could only push out 67,941 copies sold.

At Number 10 is Dandadan’s 4th volume at 51,085 copies in its first 3 days. Note that this is a 12.74% improvement over Volume 3 within the same number of days, and is certainly a big boost from the 5-day sales of 57,761 copies it had for its 1st volume in August 2021. 

Manga Weekly Top 10

1. Kaijuu 8-gou Vol. 6 (NEW)
by Naoya Matsumoto
Publisher: Shueisha
Release date: March 4, 2022
Price: 480 yen
Estimated number of copies sold: 269,967
Link (JPN): Vol. 6
Link (ENG): RightStuf; Amazon

2. Ao Ashi Vol. 27 (NEW)
by Yuugo Kobayashi
Publisher: Shogakukan
Release date: February 28, 2022
Price: 591 yen
Estimated number of copies sold: 105,060
Link (JPN): Vol. 27

3. Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun Vol. 17 (↑28.76%)
by Iro Aida
Publisher: Square Enix
Release date: February 26, 2022
Price: 600 yen
Estimated number of copies sold: 88,907
Link (JPN): Vol. 17
Link (ENG): RightStuf; Amazon

4. Tokyo Revengers Vol. 26 (↓56.13%)
by Ken Wakui
Publisher: Kodansha
Release date: February 17, 2022
Price: 480 yen
Estimated number of copies sold: 80,105
Link (JPN): Vol. 26
Link (ENG): RightStuf; Amazon

5. Dr. Stone Vol. 25 (NEW)
by (Story) Riichiro Inagaki and (Art) Boichi
Publisher: Shueisha
Release date: March 4, 2022
Price: 440 yen
Estimated number of copies sold: 74,980
Link (JPN): Vol. 25
Link (ENG): RightStuf; Amazon

6. Blue Giant Explorer Vol. 5 (NEW)
by Shinichi Ishizuka
Publisher: Shogakukan
Release date: February 28, 2022
Price: 627 yen
Estimated number of copies sold: 65,429
Link (JPN): Vol. 5

7. Kidou Senshi Gundam Thunderbolt Vol. 19 (NEW)
by Yasuo Ootagaki
Publisher: Shogakukan
Release date: February 28, 2022
Price: 741 yen
Estimated number of copies sold: 59,225
Link (JPN): Vol. 19
Link (ENG): RightStuf; Amazon

8. Bungou Stray Dogs Vol. 22 (NEW)
by (Story) Kafka Asagiri and (Art) Harukawa35
Publisher: KADOKAWA
Release date: March 4, 2022
Price: 640 yen
Estimated number of copies sold: 57,581
Link (JPN): Vol. 22
Link (ENG): RightStuf; Amazon

9. Kingdom Vol. 64 (↓65.01%)
by Yasuhisa Hara
Publisher: Shueisha
Release date: February 18, 2022
Price: 580 yen
Estimated number of copies sold: 52,089
Link (JPN): Vol. 64

10. Dandadan Vol. 4 (NEW)
by Yukinobu Tatsu
Publisher: Shueisha
Release date: March 4, 2022
Price: 480 yen
Estimated number of copies sold: 51,085
Link (JPN): Vol. 4
Link (ENG): RightStuf; Amazon

The lower 11 to 30 sees a slew of new releases starting with Isekai Izakaya “Nobu” Volume 14, a title that has been having consistent appearances on Oricon’s Top 30. The 3-day sales it has at 48,045 copies sold is incomparable to Volumes 11 and 12, but is a major improvement over Volume 13’s 45,918 copies sold in its first 7 days.

Then, we have Fuuto Tantei Volume 12 with 46,620 copies sold in its first 7 days, a small upgrade over Volume 11 by 3.68%. This would be Ao no Hako‘s 3rd breach on the Top 30 after successfully doing so for its past two volumes. Copies sold are at a comfortable 42,934 copies sold in its first 3 days, a rather positive turnout compared to the 7-day sales of Volume 2 at 74,740 copies and the 6-day sales of Volume 3 at 73,171 copies.

Mashle Volume 10 which comes right after at 42,083 copies sold in its first 3 days is a tad bit lower than Volume 9’s 3-day sales of 43,650 copies, and 7.72% weaker than Volume 6 in its first 3 days. Nevertheless, its sales performance remains somewhat stable after Volume 5 with a slight downtrend observable from Volume 7. 

Other titles to note of would be Number 15’s Takopii no Genzai, making its first entrance at 41,277 copies in just 3 days. Slated for an Anime release this year, Mushikaburi-hime Volume 6 is 16th on the list at 34,352 copies in its first week, then at Number 18 is Sakamoto Days Volume 6 at 28,785 copies sold in its first 3 days. Kono Oto Tomare! Volume 26 places 19th at 28,515 copies sold in 3 days. Note that it received a split cour TV Anime series back in 2019.

Manga Weekly Top 11 – 30

Rank Status Title Copies Sold
11 NEW Isekai Izakaya “Nobu” Vol. 14 48,045
12 NEW Fuuto Tantei Vol. 12 46,620
13 NEW Ao no Hako Vol. 4 42,934
14 NEW Mashle Vol. 10 42,083
15 NEW Takopii no Genzai Vol. 1 41,277
16 NEW Mushikaburi-hime Vol. 6 34,352
17   Ashi-Girl Vol. 16 33,236
18 NEW Sakamoto Days Vol. 6 28,785
19 NEW Kono Oto Tomare! Vol. 26 28,515
20   Coffee & Vanilla Vol. 19 28,134
21   Uma Musume Cinderella Gray Vol. 6 27,575
22   Boku no Hero Academia Vol. 33 27,477
23 NEW Aru Hi, Ohimesama ni Natte Shimatta Ken ni Tsuite Vol. 6 27,473
24 NEW Gallery Fake Vol. 36 27,439
25   Jujutsu Kaisen Vol. 18 26,637
26 NEW Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken – Yuusha Avan to Gokuen no Maou Vol. 4 26,594
27   Toaru Majutsu no Index Gaiden: Toaru Kagaku no Railgun Vol. 17 25,786
28 NEW Ayakashi Triangle Vol. 8 24,904
29 NEW 1-nichi Gaishutsuroku Hanchou Vol. 13 24,305
30   “Oshi no Ko” Vol. 7 23,263

As for weekly by series, the soundtrack for Hanyou no Yashahime performed by SixTONES is first on the list at 640.6 million yen (≈5.51 million USD) worth of sales made for the week. Kaijuu 8-gou is 3rd at 154.6 million yen (≈1.33 million USD) thanks to sales of its 6th volume.

Weekly Ranking by Series
(As of 2nd Week of March 2022)

1. Hanyou no Yashahime
Kyoumei [Limited Eiditon]
Type: CD Maxi
Total amount of sales during the period:
640.6 million yen (tax included)
576.54 million yen (without tax)

2. 007 Series
007 / No Time to Die Blu-ray + DVD
Type: Film
Total amount of sales during the period:
232.0 million yen (tax included)
208.80 million yen (without tax)

3. Kaijuu 8-gou
Kaijuu 8-gou Vol. 6
Type: Comic
Total amount of sales during the period:
154.6 million yen (tax included)
139.14 million yen (without tax)

As usual, if you find any faults with the charts above, please do not hesitate to let me know! Also, don’t shy away from dropping a comment or two down below and share your thoughts with us!

Source: Oricon

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Kaijuu 8-gou
Ao Ashi
Dr. Stone
Bungou Stray Dogs
Isekai Izakaya “Nobu”
Ao no Hako

Feb. 28 – Mar. 6, 2022

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