7 thoughts on “Japan Top 10 Weekly Anime Blu-ray and DVD Ranking: April 25, 2022 ~ May 1, 2022

  1. Wow look at 86, I knew it, the moment (spoiler alert) this two get together people are gonna buy this series a lot more but man I didn’t expect it to get near 3000 and in just 5 days, wow. now I’m saying this, this series really needs a season 2.

    1. Very good news indeed. Quite interesting to see how sales pick up for its final volume where you don’t see it happen that often. Sort of show that the series is a lot more impactful. I really hope I could find its actual and total sales performance… but, luck has not been on my side. That said, I do wish it gets a sequel.

      1. Yes those numbers can be very interesting too because people might buy other volumes later or after watching it’s season finale they get interested in the whole series and stuff like that, I’m sure it happens to other series a lot, after all each volume is available all the time and everyone can buy it whenever they want.

  2. No esperaba esas ventas para “Shuumatsu no Harem”, pensé que vendería como 1000 como mínimo. Vendió más que 86 🤣

    1. Yep, you should have seen the look on my face when I saw it’s first Volume number of sales.😁

      1. I guess people are keen on watching the show uncensored 😅
        I also heard that new scenes are added, but I am unable to verify this as I haven’t watched it yet…

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