Important Announcement: Changes in Reporting

As you all may have noticed, there have been some changes as to the reporting style deployed in my recent TSUTAYA and COMIC ZIN’s posts. The changes were brought in due to the increasingly lengthening of production time with the ever-increasing data and titles that I have to analyse and talk about in the posts. Going forward, this will be the format until other changes are to be considered. Of course, what you see is still work in progress, and as such I am open to any suggestions from your side as to what other information you wish to see (as long as I am able to put them up).

The main changes that you see will be the inclusion of accordions which will allow me to put in more information but ensure that the posts are kept clean. The accordion currently has four items: Volume Information, Manga Information, Other Information and Analytics. Click on any of the items you wish to obtain more information from.

Volume Information

This section will contain information pertaining to the volume that has made it onto the chart. The release date will be the official date the volume was released, the number of days of sales will tell you how many days it is on the particular chart. Publisher will tell you the business that publishes the volume while the “Link (JPN)” will direct you to the product page (of which I am affiliated with).

Manga Information

This section will contain the general data about the series such as where it is serialized, and the date it began. If I am unable to source the actual date, I will either leave the year or have “N/A” or not applicable written down. The official web page will be, as the name suggests, the link to the Manga’s site. I am in the midst of considering whether to put in other information such as genres or link to the Manga’s first chapter in Japanese if available. Do let me know if you have any ideas in the comment section down below!

Other information

In this section, I have decided to include links to where you can read the Manga officially in English if available. The Latest Promo item will direct you to any videos that have been uploaded to promote the Manga, preferably latest videos. Then, the “Link (ENG)” will direct you to where you can buy the official English volumes if available. Note that these are sites that I am affiliated with.


Well, this is certainly the most important section that many of you come to this Blog for! Here, I have included the Google chart link to the latest available graphs that I made for the series. I am still figuring out how to include days of sales using other language programs, but my coding skill is very limited. I will keep on trying. Also, you will find the printed circulation status with its source (latest), which should give you a rough idea as to how many copies are out there for the series. Nevertheless, I would like to reiterate here that printed circulation does not equal actual sales.

Oricon Sales Charts

As for Oricon, the format will be nearly identical with a few additional items and accordions (if needed) such as:  Price of the volume and its Estimated number of copies sold (below is just an example). Then, you will find the Analysis section, plus the Additional Comments section if the need to have them would ever arise. If there are no Analysis or Additional Comments, they will be omitted.

That is all from me. I hope the explanation helps. If you need anything else, feel free to contact me, via email or Twitter or Discord. Thank you for all the support as always!

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