Fall Anime: Voice Cast of No Guns Life Main Characters Revealed

Apart from the latest key visuals and promotional video made available recently, Madhouse has finally released information pertaining to the voice cast for Anime No Guns Life through its official site. No Guns Life is set to broadcast from this coming October, 2019.

The promotional video featured some stunning footage from the Anime itself, providing a sneak peak into the story along with the main characters Jūzō Inui, Arahabaki Tetsurou and Mary Steinberg.

No Guns Life 1

No Guns Life 2

No Guns Life 3

No Guns Life 4

No Guns Life 5

Jūzō Inui (VA - Junichi Suwabe)

Inui operates a consultation office where he helps to resolve problems faced by the extended and non-extended. He has a huge revolver embedded into his head.

Inui really hates it when the trigger of the gun in his head is touched. He is fond of a tobacco brand called “Tanegashima”.

No Guns Life 6
Arahabaki Tetsurou (VA - Daiki Yamashita)

Tetsurou is being chased by Beruhren Corp, as a result, he decided to request the help of a large-sized extended man to protect him.

No Guns Life 7
Mary Steinberg (VA - Manami Numakura)

Mary is an extended engineer girl who does maintenance on those who have extended bodies. She possesses a high level of technological prowess and has known Inui for a very long time.

No Guns Life 8

The Song “Motor City” written by Kenichi Asai has been chosen for the Opening Theme song for the series while Madhouse will be responsible for the entire animation production.


Source: Dengeki
Featured image from AlphaCoders
Manga Available: Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3, Vol 4

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