Enterprise and Belfast’s Key Visual for the Upcoming Fall Anime “Azur Lane” Released!

On July 23, 2019, Slowcurve has released a Key Visual for the upcoming TV Anime series of the popular mobile game Azur Lane. The series is set to commence its broadcast this coming October 2019.


From the Key Visual, we could see that the fires of war has spread across the ocean and an aircraft carrier whose union belongs to Enterprise (VA: Yui Ishikawa) as well as a light cruiser belonging to the Royal faction’s Belfast (VA: Yui Horie) can be seen. The Key Visual may shed some light to the two characters’ role in the series.

Enterprise (VA: Yui Ishikawa)

In defense of a crisis that mankind is facing, the world decided to unite to face a common threat under one banner that is “Azur Lane”. However, due to differences in beliefs, the once formidable organization was torn into two factions, one of which is Azur Lane and the other, Crimson Axis. More details about the story can be found here. (Thanks Reddit!)

If you would like to acquire more information, you can be accessed them through Azur Lane’s TV Anime website and video game site.

Source: 4gamer.net
Featured image from Azur Lane

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