Dragon Ball Series is Bandai Namco Holdings’ Biggest Earner Among its IPs in 2020

According to Bandai Namco Holdings latest Integrated Report, the Dragon Ball series is its largest sales contributor among its IPs in 2020. Sales for the IP grew 4.37% from 129 billion yen (~$1.169 billion) from 2019 to 134.9 billion yen (~$1.222 billion) in 2020. The Mobile Suit Gundam series comes in 2nd as sales maintained at 78.1 billion yen (~$708 million) for both 2019 and 2020 while ONE PIECE is its third biggest at 34.9 billion yen (~$316 million), growing 12.89% from 2019. Note that Sales of IPs are inclusive of both the local and overseas market.

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The company has noted that its Network Entertainment Business segment saw titles such as Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot and Code Vein gaining popularity in its home market in Japan, and the repeating sales of existing titles such as the Dragon Ball series, Tekken 7 and the Dark Souls series as among the major contributors.

In total the segment (Network Entertainment Business) has seen Net Sales amounting to 328,079 million yen (~$2.979 billion) and Profit of 43,879 million yen (~$398 million) recorded for 2020, which is a fall from the year before where the company recorded 340,927 million yen (~$3,095 million) and 47,534 million yen (~$431 million) worth of Net Sales and Profit.

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Its Toy and Hobby business on the other hand recorded a jump in Net Sales year-on-year from 242,865 million yen (~$2,204 million) to 253,714 million yen (~$2,303 million) with profit from the segment growing from 21,710 million yen (~$197 million) to 26,733 million yen (~$242 million). Note that this segment comprises of products for the mature fan base of plastic models such as the Mobile Suit Gundam series along with a slew of others.

Its Visual and Music Production Business had better Net Sales compared to the year 2019 improving from 45,518 million yen (~$413 million) it had in 2019 to 46,951 million yen (~$426 million) in 2020. Profit for the segment however fell year-on-year from 8,797 million yen (~$79 million) in 2019 to 8,032 million yen (~$72 million) in 2020. This segment includes sales of visual and music package software and the holding of live events of The iDOLM@STER series, LoveLive! Sunshine!! and IDOLiSH 7.

Its IP Creation Business involves the releasing of a new movie and various information for the 40th anniversary of the Mobile Suit Gundam series. Profits were up from 5,020 million yen (~$45 million) in 2019 to 5,758 million yen (~$52 million) in 2020 as a result of decline in Net Sales from 22,464 million yen (~$203 million) to 19,750 million yen (~$179 million) for the respective years.

Mobile Suit Gundam 40th Anniversary Trailer

As a whole, Bandai Namco Holdings suffered only a minor setback for the year 2020 as profit fell 7.22% to $529 million from 2019’s $571 million (which is its best performing year to date). The year 2020 remains its 2nd best performer after 2018’s $509 million.

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Bandai Namco Holdings is incorporated in Japan with its head office in Minato-ku. It is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange under ticket symbol: 7832.

Source: IR Library

Updated (August 2, 2021): To avoid confusion, I have decided to remove the ‘.3’ from the headings on the charts (FY2020.3).

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