Digimon Cyber Sleuth: PS4 Slim and its Chapter 12’s Demise

I was not the only one looking forward to Digimon Cyber Sleuth. There were in fact many others. Those who reminisce their childhood, “Oh! The good old times!” Those who played truant just to look after their Digimon(s) and those who rushed back home just to battle others to show dominance. Were all exhilarated. It has been awhile since we have last gotten ourselves a good Digimon game. Especially on a console. Then, Bandai came knocking on our doors, “Hey! Guess what? Tadaa!” We all jumped in excitement. Woohoo! Oh man, look at 2016. What a great time to be alive.


PS4 Slim (Left) and PS4 Pro (Right)

But, I wasn’t the only one who did not own a Playstation 4 back in early 2016. Others too. When, Sony announced their new console line up last year (2016). We were pumped… I mean, I was very pumped. I had a choice. PS4 Pro or PS4 Slim. I chose PS4 Pro. However, I did not manage to save money in time… and missed out on the PS4 Pro (damn they sold out fast). I figured, well… why not settle for PS4 Slim for the moment. The next batch of PS4 Pro, I will get them for sure! So, I got a PS4 Slim and a few games and started gaming on my newly bough console. I played Star Ocean 5, Final Fantasy XV, Persona 5 then I finally got down to Digimon Cyber Sleuth. Hell it was a fun game! Until… I reached Chapter 12 and the game crashed. I thought it was my PS4, the cause of the problem. Because, after restarting countless of times… it was the same! What the f**k! I was getting to the good part. While blaming on my PS4 for the disastrous turnout, I decided to go on Gamefaqs and check out some solutions. Guess what? It turns out I was not the only one.


My beloved PS4 Slim (left) and Digimon Cyber Sleuth (T_T)

Apparently, there were… MANY more who share this problem. I found out that, those who bought the physical copy of the game and played it on PS4 Slim are subjected to the issue. Those who bought the digital copy do not. Likewise, people who got the physical copy and played it on the old console or PS4 Pro have not encountered any of the issue. Curse my life! Well, Bandai is aware of the situation and issued a statement. They say:


“Thank you for contacting Bandai Namco Entertainment’s Technical Support and Warranty Department. After further investigation, this issue currently seems specific to the PS4 Slim and the current PS4 firmware (As this isn’t an issue on the older PS4 firmware). This has been escalated to our internal contacts for further investigation but as the development team has moved on to other projects, we can’t guarantee that they would be able to look into this. In the meantime, I can only recommend progressing past this part of the story using a friend or another family member’s PS4 system(non-slim) via save transfer on PSN Cloud or with a Flash Drive/USB Drive. Apologies, Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc. Customer Support”

Got it from a Reddit user Revpllz.

It has been many months now. And the problem is still not fixed. It could very well be possible that it cannot be fixed. Therefore, GUYS! If you are planning on buying it, especially if you only own a PS4 Slim… get the DIGITAL COPY. For my brothers who are experiencing the same problem as I do… my condolences to you guys and myself. Let’s hope it’ll get fixed soon.


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