Best Fall Anime of 2019, Your Pick and Blog Updates

Here you go! Please do have a go, your best Fall Anime of 2019. Tell us your pick here:

I will have the results posted once we hit at least a 100 vote.

Total Anime count: 49 (quite a lot)

Regarding Blog Updates

There are a couple of things that I would like to do with the blog and they are as follow (also some excuses):

1. Subscribing to Oricon sales stats and getting data to improve the sales stats further. However, Oricon only accepts credit cards… and I have never needed one until today. Being able to use debit cards would have been so much easier. My first credit card application failed! Haha So, I will try again once I have proven to the bank that my finances are stable. Hopefully in a few months. Or… I could ask the one man, the only guy to help me. My dad.

2. I am also thinking to subscribe to U.S data for the sales stats. However, after a little search here and there, I found out that is the only one doing thus far, and is the most reliable. I tried contacting them a couple of times, but have failed to establish some form of communication as they require a work email which I don’t have. I would like to get a quote from them as well as inquire if the data could be made available for a non-US citizen. Also, I read that their service is quite expensive. If any of you have any info regarding npd, do let me know!

3. Some news when I am free.

4. I admit, I am guilty. I have been procrastinating on reviews. Too much Xenoblade I tell you and I have not even touched Pokemon yet. I will try to have things out especially Manga reviews. I am currently working on Code Geass’s latest film and am also thinking of an unboxing video of the limited release that I have. I am on to it.

5. Do share me your feedback and things you would like to see more! I’ll do my best to fulfill them. Not all of course, but if there is anything I can help with, I will try.


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