Oricon’s Best Blu-rays of 2020: Tenki No Ko Was the Second Best Seller for Anime

This came more than a month late! Oricon actually released the chart for the best selling Blu-rays and DVDs of 2020 back in December, though this time around with a much shorter list. Nevertheless, we will make do of what is available, so the followings are the two, according to Oricon as the best selling Anime Blu-rays and DVDs of 2020:

Best Selling Anime Blu-ray of 2020

from December 9, 2019 to December 13, 2020

1. Frozen II MovieNEX with Complete Case [Limited Release]
Estimated number of sales: 325,585
Release date: May 13, 2020

2. Tenki no Ko Blu-ray [Standard Edition]
Estimated number of sales: 87,700
Release date: May 27, 2020

Best Selling Anime DVD of 2020

from December 9, 2019 to December 13, 2020

1. Frozen II [Limited Release]
Estimated number of sales: 141,510
Release date: May 13, 2020

2. Tenki no Ko DVD [Standard Edition]
Estimated number of sales: 67,663
Release date: May 27, 2020

I know many of you may not agree to Frozen II being there, but let’s just keep as it is for now. Note that these are only taking into account sales of single volumes. The title has had an astounding year ever since its debut, the copies kept getting sold. As a matter of fact, it is still making onto Oricon’s chart almost every week. Since I have been keeping track of the sales they make (at least whenever they are on the chart), shall we take a look at how some titles performed in 2020? Let’s start with Frozen II.

Note: All the charts below consider the period between December 9, 2019 to December 13, 2020

Frozen II made its debut in Japan back in the month of May 2020, in its first week, it saw its Limited Release Blu-ray edition selling a whopping 227,545 copies. It did not stop there. The slaying continued as its other releases like the Standard Release and the 4K version rallied on, selling 21,829 copies and 8,369 copies respectively in its first week. In total, the Blu-rays had a massive turnout of 257,743 copies sold. Though the sales have somewhat slowed down after that, its presence is continued to be made known, appearing ever so frequent on Oricon’s chart. Nevertheless, it is quite interesting to see a title carrying on the momentum for so long. As such, as tracked by erzat.blog, Frozen II Blu-rays as a series, sold:

Number of Blu-ray sales tracked: 356,377 copies

How about Tenki no Ko?

Releasing in the same month — as Frozen II, Tenki no Ko was a lot humbler in its debut week. The title was 500 copies away from achieving 100,000 copies sold — both Standard Edition and Limited Release sold 99,500 copies at the time. The title did manage to hang onto the chart for about 11 weeks, reporting modest sales, but it soon sold too few to be charted on Oricon’s Blu-ray Top 20. However, it did still have a good run in 2020. In total, as tracked by erzat.blog, Tenki no Ko sold:

Number of Blu-ray sales tracked: 127,790 copies

As for other big titles, like the ones that made onto the Oricon’s 2020 half-year sales chart, the performances are quite commendable as well. First, let us take a look at Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love Kingdom Movie.

Like Tenki no Ko, Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love Kingdom Movie had excellent yields in its first week. The Limited Edition sold 72,575 copies, whereas the Regular Edition sold a third less, putting the number of copies sold at a very comfortable 97,635 copies altogether. A tad bit more to reach the 100,000 copies mark. Unfortunately, the title was not able to push on the likes of Frozen II and Tenki no Ko, seeing copies sold dissipating from the fifth week onward. As tracked by erzat.blog, the title made:

Number of Blu-ray sales tracked: 109,745 copies

To be fair to Frozen II, let us take a look at its compatriot, Toy Story 4 which too had a decent year despite being released way before.

When Toy Story 4 was released in Japan on November 2, 2019, it sold 68,790 copies in its first week for the three Blu-ray versions that made on Oricon’s sales chart then. Sales, though not comparable to the much larger success of Frozen II, were still held well in 2020. From December 9, 2019 to June 7, 2020, according to Oricon’s half-year sales chart, the title sold 55,257 copies. Sales tracked by erzat.blog fell way below the number, therefore do expect a much higher number of copies sold since the title’s data was not available from time to time as it did not make Oricon’s Top 20 Blu-ray sales chart. Sales however, seemed to have aggressively slowed down from September 2020 onward. Nevertheless, as tracked by erzat.blog, Toy Story 4 sold:

Number of Blu-ray sales tracked: 43,201 copies

Another title that did well for the year 2020 was Girls & Panzer Das Finale, released on February 27, the title made 44,832 copies in its first week. Yet, it could not retain its momentum after the third week of March as copies sold continued to fall drastically,

As tracked by erzat.blog, the title sold:

Number of Blu-ray sales tracked: 49,663 copies

Promare surprisingly did not make much of an impact on the charts in 2020 selling 38,757 copies for both Limited and Regular editions in its first week. Oricon put the figure as of June 7, 2020, that the title had sold 42,895 copies. While the number is indeed good, it could have sold more.

As per data available tracked by erzat.blog, the title sold:

Number of Blu-ray sales tracked: 40,762 copies

What about other popular series such as Symphogear XV and Kimetsu no Yaiba? It turned out that the first had a slight advantage the first half of the year, though sales should have picked up for Kimetsu no Yaiba the second last with the release of its film. Individual debut sales of Symphogear XV volumes remained consistent in 2020 with Volume 4 selling 10,893 copies and Volume 5 at 10,720 copies. What was interesting was the number of copies sold for the final volume which more than doubled sales of Volume 5. The sixth volume sold a handsome 27,467 copies in its first week. A remarkable feat. Kimetsu no Yaiba on the other hand, maintained its momentum till the release of its final volume. Sales however, never met the 10,000 copies mark on its debut. It is okay to assume that it ended up on a more positive note by December 13, 2020. Despite sales data not available, the title should have been able to sell a good amount.

Therefore, a rough idea on how the two performed as tracked by erzat.blog is as follows:

Number of Blu-ray sales tracked: 52,332 copies

Number of Blu-ray sales tracked: 47,301 copies

With all that said, we must not miss the one that at least, stunned me the most. Princess Connect! Re:Dive. It had an astonishing year in 2020, managing more than 20,000 copies sold for all four of its volumes on their respective debut weeks. I am very interested to understand why it happened, perhaps we will need to look more into that. Volume 1 sold an astounding 28,518 copies when it came out. It had enough energy to carry on the next two weeks, making onto Oricon’s sales chart before re-emerging again the second week of September. And the rest of the volumes had massive turnouts as well.

So, how much did the series sell as tracked by erzat.blog?

Number of Blu-ray sales tracked: 112,280 copies

It is quite unfortunate not being able to see the full chart to know exactly how many copies the titles mentioned above sold, if you know any source, do let me know. Hopefully, if all goes well, the site can have access to Oricon’s full chart, for now that remains to be seen. Let me know what you think down in the comment section below! Also, I left some more info from here on about the titles and where to get them, so do check out!

Please note that the number of copies sold for titles discussed above should be higher or way higher than the numbers tracked by erzat.blog as we are missing a lot of data. The purpose of this post is to give a rough idea on how titles above performed. Plus, Blu-rays and DVDs are just one revenue stream, therefore it should not be the only indicator of a success of a title.

Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love Kingdom Movie
Regular Edition (JPN)
Limited Edition (JPN)
Regular Edition (US)

Girls & Panzer Das Finale
Episode 1 (JPN)
Episode 2 (JPN)

Note: I am an affiliate of both Right Stuff Anime and CDJapan, any purchase made from the links above shall entitle me some amount of commission. It is not much, but if you find any titles that you are interested in, do check them out!

Also, have a go at some of the unboxing videos I made for Princess Connect! Re:Dive and Tenki no Ko:

I hope you enjoy the post! Take care!


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