BANDAI NAMCO Holdings 1st Quarter Report: Mobile Suit Gundam Up, Dragon Ball Down (Fiscal Year March 2022)

The Mobile Suit Gundam series has noted a 13.75% jump in sales compared to the 1st quarter for the fiscal year ending March 2021 from 20.7 billion yen (~184 million USD) to 24 billion yen (~214 million USD) for the fiscal year ending March 2022. Sales of its merchandise accounts 50.83% of its total sales, which it too had a gain of 16.10% from the same quarter of last year to 11.8 billion yen (~105 million USD).

Sales for Dragon Ball witnessed a slight drop from 27.1 billion yen (~241 million USD) to 25.1 billion yen (~224 million USD), however its merchandise sales recorded an increase of 26.83%. Sales are also down for Pretty Cure and One Piece, while Super Sentai remains unchanged. Aikatsu!, Anpanman, Ultraman and KAMEN RIDER have all climbed quarter to quarter.

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Merchandise sales for its other titles are quite positive with nearly all reporting a rise quarter to quarter with the exception of KAMEN RIDER, Super Sentai and Pretty Cure that have retreated. Both Dragon Ball and KAMEN RIDER are 2nd and 3rd best, but Mobile Suit Gundam has a clear lead.

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Alternative View: Here

1st quarter profit for the fiscal year ending March 2022 have also jumped to 20,917 million yen (~186 million USD), up 36.98% and the company expects a rebound in overall profit for the full year to 52,000 million yen (~463 million USD) from the 48,894 million yen (~436 million USD) it earned for the fiscal year ending March 2021.

BANDAI NAMCO Holdings is incorporated in Japan with its head office in Minato-ku. It is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange under ticket symbol: 7832.

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