Atlus Revealed Makoto Niijima in New Persona 5 Royal Introductory Video

July 19, 2019 – Atlus via their Youtube account released a new introductory video detailing new additional scenes and content involving Makato Niijima, one of the members of the Thieves Guild.

Makato is the head of the student council of Shujin Academy and an honour student in the school. One additional scene we get to see from the video is a new interaction scene between Makoto and another protagonist, Ryuji Sakamoto who is also a member of the Thieves Guild. Also shown, is a new killer move by Makoto. Makato is also shown to be on a date with the main protagonist, and we get to dive into some backstory about Makato’s relationship with her sister, Sae Niijima. Lastly, a beach volleyball scene, where Makato is shown to overwhelm the boy’s team much to the bemusement of others.

Makato is voiced by Satou Rina and the game itself will be on sale on October 31, 2019 in Japan with the normal edition of the game costing 8,800 ¥ ($81.70) and the limited edition of the game costing 13,800 ¥ ($128.12) not inclusive of tax. The game is expected to arrive in the west sometime in 2020.

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