The site initially started as part of an assignment for one of the courses I took at university. After a year of hiatus, I was quite surprised to see despite the lack of posts, people were visiting the site. I then thought to myself that I should make better use of the space provided, and help inform people of things or information that I may be able to get, especially ones of Japanese origin.

I am aware that it can be quite hard at times and puzzling trying to get certain data out of Japanese sites particularly due to the language barrier. Thus, I would like to breach such barrier in hopes to deliver news and information that could benefit visitors and users of the site.

Data available on this site, especially the weekly rankings or stats are from credible sources such as Famitsu or Oricon. Therefore, you can trust the figures provided by them. My role is to have the details translated and make it easier for people to go through the list. As a result, be informed of what is the current trend or consumer behaviour in Japan. Hopefully, this could spur fans of Anime(s) or Manga(s) or Video Games to make an educated decision in purchasing products to support the growth of the related industries.

Occasionally, you shall find news updates and reviews of an Anime or a Manga on this site. So, please do take your time reading and enjoy the posts available on this site.


Currently the site has one author. That is me, Erzat. Nice to meet you! Though, as of right now I am quite preoccupied with almost 12 hours of my day (maybe 8 – 9 hours at the weekends), every single day spent on my day jobs. I shall do my very best to write as much as I can and inform visitors of any news I am able to write.

I am also looking for feedback to improve this site further as well as my writing skill. I try not to make an excuse, but, I am still working on my English. My Japanese is as of the moment intermediate – I hold an N3 certificate – though, I seek to strengthen my knowledge of the language further. Hopefully, I can reach a high proficiency status by the middle of next year.

Anyone who is interested to write and have their articles posted up on the site, please do not hesitate to let me know!


I am registered with the Amazon Affiliate programme. Thus, the majority of the Amazon links you find are associated to my account. Any purchase made using the link is greatly appreciated. Hopefully the additional fund I received could help pay additional expenses for the site, this is still wishful thinking, but also, help grow the site. Currently, that is the source of income for the site. I have not consider putting up ads yet as the number of visitors are still low and this may cause the site to look like a mess.